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Kaiser Ag



Kaiser Ag initially approached Edge Design to design and develop a logo, business cards and a website for their farming business. Since then we have completed multiple other projects to help the family ran farm market the complete flock dispersal of their livestock and genetics. Edge has worked very closely with the Client to produce a solid brand image and consistent marketing materials.

Logo Development

Kaiser Ag is a family ran agricultural enterprise comprised of three subsidiaries. Golden Sheaf Quarters involved in primary crop production, Ewe Can Genetics an intensive high health lamb production farm, and Kaiser Ag Solutions, an agricultural custom service provider. When they approached Edge Design they really had no corporate image at all and were looking to create a brand identity to better represent the business. They wanted it to have an agricultural feel, but not to to tie them too much to one area of their business. We worked closely with the client to design and develop a number of logo options and finally settled on the final logo you can see represented to the right.

As usual, we provided the logo to the Client in multiple different formats and the two versions you see, stacked and elongated. Each were also presented in their inverted form.

Print Package

At the time that we designed and developed the corporate logo for Kaiser Ag, we also designed and developed a business card as demonstrated to the left. Since then the Client has approached us to help with producing marketing materials for their complete flock and genetic dispersal.

The flock and genetic dispersal project consisted of a full page advertisement for Sheep Canada magazine and a three panel custom marketing folder. We worked on the full page advertisement first as there was a production deadline to meet with the magazine. The ad was designed to create high visual impact and give a detailed overview of the flock dispersal.

As for the three panel custom folder, we spent a lot of time working closely with the Client to develop and refine the design and layout to give a fully detailed overview of the dispersal. The folder was developed to mail out to potential purchasers.

Website Development

The website design and development process started with a detailed planning session with the Client to develop a framework for the various pages that were required. In the initial design phase we offered a number of layout options and the design chosen by the client is the one you see to the right. It ties in with the look and feel of their other marketing materials and once again uses the same corporate colour scheme created during the design of the logo.

The website is a fairly basic information based site and is built in a content management system that allows the Client to log in and make changes, additions and updates quickly and simply. In addition we installed Google Analytics for visitor tracking and optimized each page of the site for better search engine placement.

Finally, the site has been designed to be fully responsive and is optimized for multiple device screen sizes. Take a look and shrink your browser down to see how it works!

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